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Local educators and teachers animate daily indoor classes and outdoor activities for children.

The environmental education program was launched in 2000. It was then a pioneering initiative and Osmose had to start from scratch: to build knowledge and activities, to create didactical tools in Khmer, to train local educators. Keo Yada, a primary school teacher, was the driving force behind the program and became the first employee of Osmose. The classes grew quickly, both for school and out-of-school children. In 2006, the coordination of the program was taken over by Polyvine, whose strengthened the capacities and pedagogical skills of the educators' team, and then by Dara, a former teacher at Prek Toal. Since 2012, it is Sros who manages the program, supported through funding from the Air France Foundation during 2011-2013.
Mr. Ke Sovann, Ecotourism & Environmental
Education Manager

Groups of children are collected by boat and brought to the Osmose platform or to outdoor activity sites (birdwatching or plant study in the forest, waste collection in the village). Today, 600 Prek Toal children have the opportunity to learn to appreciate and preserve their rich natural environment. In 2007, an independant evaluation of the program was conducted and the results are encouraging: children following Osmose's program have better knowledge and attitude towards the environment. In 2011, new activities were tested and evaluated in the framework of a partnership with ASAD. The program is at present partially integrated into the school curriculum, and should progressively evolve toward sustainable development education.

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