Not far from the Angkor temples lies the huge Tonle Sap Lake, one of the most productive freshwater reserves on the planet. Every year, millions of fish migrate into the flooded forest that surrounds its banks, drawing in their wake myriad waterbirds. The man, integrated in this biotope, settled in floating villages where life flows to the rhythm of the waters.

It is in this lacustrine universe – fusion of water and vegetation, kingdom of birds and fishermen – that we invite you to immerse yourself.

Thus, your visit will contribute doubly to the local development: by its direct economic benefits for the villagers and by the benefits of the visits, which allow Osmose to continue his actions of environmental education and local development.

While visiting the Prek Toal Reserve, you will also participate in the funding of the Bird Sanctuary Protection Program.

Distribution of costs


Transport, food, qualified guides


Income for environmental education


Direct income for villagers (local development)


Entrance fee to the bird sanctuary


According to your desires and the period of your visit, you will find here the panel of our itineraries. There is something for everyone. For more information, contact us.

The full package
in a day

This tour gives you the opportunity to go birding in the sanctuary and have an experience of the village itself.
Full day tour
From 6am to 5pm
Birding with a
Certified Osmose guide
September to March

into tradition

Get ready to dig into Prek Toal’s deepest customs and live the very unique “life on water” experience.
Overnight stay
Cooking class
All year round

A glimpse of life on water

This day tour will give you an insight of the floating village life from a boat to another, understanding the local customs.
Full day tour
from 8am to 5pm
Weaving class
All year round

A Rangers Life

This overnight stay tour is made for the ones passionate about birding, who wouldn’t miss the opportunity of digging into Prek Toal’s mind-blowing customs.
Overnight stay
Birding with a
Certified Osmose guide
September to March

Off-season – Boeung Pearaing

Pearaing Biodiversity Conservation Center is a peaceful home of wetland and water birds, perfect place to continue to watch the birds after the season in Prek Toal.
Half day tour
From February to June

Hello, I’m Osmi, the super bottle that will accompany you during the tour.

In an eco-friendly approach, Osmose no longer uses plastic bottles.

To ensure my hygiene, I am boiled at high temperature and cleaned after each visit.

My water is as good as bottled water, clean and fresh.

Thank you for your support, you help us protect the environment!

Sincerely, Osmi

Tour Guides

Our Osmose guides receive a certification after a training of 3 months, renewed every 2 years.

Conscious of the contribution of this training, the guides are voluntary to participate and acquire new knowledge.

For 3 months they are taught all the secrets of Tonle Sap Lake and its biodiversity (fauna, flora, ecosystem etc.) Not to mention an indispensable chapter on threats to the lake. It is an active training with bird watching days to acquire specific knowledge and skills in ornithology. Finally, a chapter on Osmose and its various projects is given to them so that they can spread information about our actions to visitors.

Here is the portrait of 4 of our most active guides,
anglophone and francophone.


(English speaker)

“My name is Sovann. I was born in Kompong Chhnang province and moved to Siem Reap province in 2005. At that time, I had heard about Osmose’s work to protect the Tonle Sap lake environment and its integrated projects of environmental education, ecotourism and local livelihood development. I was very interested in the conservation and protection of wildlife and environment and wished to be a part of the movement. I’m very grateful to Osmose that in 2011 they allowed me to join the team after successfully completing my training as a certified guide.
During my time with OSMOSE, I have learned more and more about Tonle Sap’s complex ecosystem, the local’s daily lives and their uncommon culture.
I like my job so much because I love wildlife and we support Prek Toal’s local economy by providing alternative income through eco-tourism. I am happy to share my knowledge and experience to the ones curious to discover more about Tonle Sap’s lake conservation and local life.“


(English speaker)

“My name is Bunchang, I am 38 years old and come from a small village down by the lake in the south of Siem Reap city. I’ve been working for Osmose NGO for 8 years now. I’ve been having a beautiful experience and learning a lot about local peoples lives, birding and nature.
I’ve understood much more about conservation work. I feel useful as I can work to prevent the endangerment of Cambodian wildlife. One day, if I have the opportunity, I would like to build up the capacity of nature and conservation resources and contribute the best I can to the local’s education to ensure a better future for the people in the community.
What I love the most about working for Osmose NGO is that I can help people all around the world to know and understand my country’s natural resources. The Tonle Sap lake’s local peoples livelihoods, birding and culture. It is so beautiful and attractive to me!“



(English and French speaker)

“Je m’appelle KHIM Dara, je suis née dans la province de Battambang, située à environ 90 km au sud-ouest de la province de Siem Reap. Je suis à Siem Reap depuis 15 ans. Après avoir obtenu mon diplôme universitaire, j’ai expérimenté de nombreux travails au cours de cette période.
Enfin, j’ai été recruté comme éco-guide par Osmose en 2011, j’ai suivi une formation de trois mois sur l’écotourisme : Système Tonle Sap, Education à l’environnement, communauté Osmose et spécialiste de l’observation des oiseaux, etc.
J’ai travaillé pendant 7 ans dans les bureaux d’Osmose, en tant que responsable de la réservation francophone mais aussi en tant qu’éco-guide. Je ne travaille plus dans les bureaux depuis 2018 mais je continue d’offrir mes services de guide. J’ai vraiment apprécié ces expériences exceptionnelles et ce travail pour la communauté et l’environnement.“


(French speaker)

“Je m’appelle Sum , j’ai 65 ans et je vis non loin du village Veal. Cela fait depuis 2013 que j’ai était certifié comme guide Osmose et suis très heureux de participer aux projets de cette organisation car je trouve qu’il y a un réel impact et de belles valeurs.
Je suis reconnaissant d’être cambodgien, état aussi connu sous le nom “d’Etat d’or regorgeant de richesses naturelles.”
Le grand lac qu’est le Tonle Sap, chef d’œuvre de la nature, dans lequel l’eau du Mékong se déverse et se retire, régule la nature à travers les saisons et protège ses proches habitants d’inondations et de sècheresse.
A l’intérieur de cette communauté, Osmose a créé des emplois pour les plus démunis, de nouveaux revenus pour les villageois. Une influence positive pour la communauté sur des aspects pressants : celles de la conservation nécessaire des oiseaux, de l’environnement et de la pollution.
Le Tonle est le cœur du Cambodge, Angkor Wat le porteur de notre héritage culturel. Un visiteur au Cambodge devrait toujours au moins visiter ces deux merveilles.“

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Reviewed March 3, 2019

Excellent tour –
definitely worth it!

We took the overnight tour to the Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary and floating village and I’m so glad we did. It was an exceptional way to see how the villagers live on houses on rafts and visit the Tonle Sap lake birds during their breeding season.

Our excellent and enthusiastic guide Sovann was attentive and full of information. The tour company has established some excellent social enterprise initiatives to help boost the local economy which is now suffering a decline in their traditional fishing practices. Water hyacinth weaving (terrific bags, bowls and mats among those on offer), a community restaurant with cooking lesson for traditional Cambodian food and the best bit of all, the homestay with a family. We stayed with a delightful couple in their 70s who make extra income from hosting guests – you get a mosquito net and a mattress and we had the opportunity to ask our hosts questions through Sovann (and they could ask us too). Given the dependency on boats i n the village to get around, be prepared for noise (bring ear plugs!) but for one night, it’s well worth the experience of waking up on the water.

The bird sanctuary is incredible and was so quiet. Only three other boats seen! The water was low in February but this was prime breeding season for the storks and pelicans, among others. We were able to access one of two treehouses for an incredible view out across the area.

My sister and I loved the trip – more people should do it. More people seem to do the one daytrip but the overnight stay is more than worth it. Thoroughly recommend. This is eco-tourism at its best.

Date of experience: February 2019


Francois M

Reviewed March 9, 2019

Wonderful 2 days with Osmose, the population of Prek Toal and the million birds

Highly recommended to stay overnight (despite the noise of the motorboats), to enjoy the best of Prek Toal. The life in a floating village is enriching and the discovery of the bird sanctuary is unique. It was great to have Va as our guide.

Date of experience: February 2019



Reviewed December 20, 2018

Amazing tour

This tour was a highlight of my trip. I loved learning about the birds and the floating villages. The bird sanctuary is beautiful. The park ranger pointed out lots of beautiful birds. I loved bird watching with my binoculars. Our guide Jack was really lovely. The restaurant provided vegetarian options for my boyfriend and I.
My boyfriend and his mother enjoying catching a canoe through the village. I couldn’t join because I have a bad back. However I liked sitting on the big boat while I read a book.
Overall, this tour was a lot of fun! I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about the Cambodian floating villages.

The tour company employs locals. I think a lot of the company’s money go towards supporting the local economy & nature ie the bird sanctuary.

Date of experience: December 2018



Reviewed September 24, 2018

An extremely unique and meaningful experience

We experienced many meaningful firsts during our two-day one-night trip: sleeping on a floating house, understanding the hydrology of the Tonle Sap Lake, cooking in a floating house, boating through the floating village, making placemats out of dried water hyacinth, seeing baby crocodiles get hatched from their eggs, seeing birds amidst the wetlands, etc. Many activities were the result of Osmose’s long-term community development work in the floating village, to help villagers find alternative livelihoods instead of hunting birds. Our guide was very friendly and informative, and had good rapport with the villagers. The trip was definitely worth its cost. However, do be prepared for little sleep in the floating house, as the sound of motorboats and music from the neighbours who stay up late may keep you awake!

Date of experience: June 2018



Reviewed March 30, 2018

Amazing, educational and providing livelihoods to communities

We took the Osmose Ecotour to Prek Toal in Tonle Sap, focusing on the very unusual way of life. It started with an hour-long car ride from our hotel to the boat landing and then another hour on the boat along the waterways to Prek Toal village. We visited the community weaving center and had lunch at the community restaurant. We also had a paddle boat trip into the village. We spoke to a fish farmer and a crocodile farmer as well. Our guide was very friendly, knowledgable and informative. The osmose tours help provide livelihoods to members of the community. They are a great way to help in a meaningful way.

Date of experience: March 2018


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