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Genuine ecotourism should ensure it benefits the protection of the site and the local populations.

title= Guided Ecotours organised by Osmose to the Prek Toal bird work in harmony with the Community Based Ecotourism Project supported by Osmose in the villages of Prek Toal and Pech Kantiel.

Price: the more persons (max. 8) in a group, the more affordable per person! Please click on the itineraries pages for examples. The itineraries described below can be adapted to suit any requirements, whether you are an individual, a large or small group of travellers, on a corporate day out, or on a school trip.
If you want to:
  • gain rare insights into an extraordinary way of life
  • witness magnificent water birds, many of whom are threatened species
  • learn about a unique ecosystem
  • enjoy freshly caught and prepared food
  • spend time exchanging and learning with community members in real and meaningful ways
  • contribute to the social and economic development of the villages you visit
then you have come to the right place

The floating villages of Prek Toal and Pech Kantiel offer four broad ways to experience, explore, exchange and expand your consciousness...

Itinerary 1 - Full Day, Bird Sanctuary and Village

Itinerary 2 - 2 Days / Village, Overnight in a Floating Home Stay and Bird Sanctuary

Itinerary 3 - Village and Projects

Itinerary 4 - 2 Days, Village, Projects and Home Stay

For information or to make a booking, please fill the form.

The Prek Toal Core Area is a seasonal home to a large number of globally threatened water birds for whom the sanctuary is the most important breeding site in all of South East Asia. They are drawn there by the mega-abundance of fish in the lake. The reason for all this abundance is the “pulse” system of the Tonle Sap Lake, whose waters rise and fall by up to 10 metres every year. The floodplains around Prek Toal and Pech Kantiel, which are dry during the dry season, are the site of a unique forest which spends the rainy season immersed in up to 10 metres of water. When the waters are high, boats float past the treetops, and visitors have a very special birds’ eye view of the water birds’ nesting sites. The floating villages were established by communities in order to more easily access the rich, fishy harvest. But, despite their proximity to such abundance, these communities suffer from poverty levels that are high even by Cambodia’s standards.

An Osmose Guide accompanies every trip booked through Osmose. Our guides are all bilingual (French, English, Chinese, or German), and have received special training from Osmose relating to the ecology, hydrology, and social/cultural aspects of life on the lake. They are knowledgeable, fun, passionate and an invaluable part of the Osmose experience.
“A day that will stay with me as one of the most remarkable out of six months in South East Asia”, P. Fontaine, Belgium
The itineraries can be adapted to suit your specific requirements and our Ecotourism Team is always happy to discuss this.

We need at least 24 to 48 hours prior notice to ensure that a booking can be accommodated.

A 30% fee applies for any cancellations made up to 3 days before the forecasted departure date. A 50% fee will be applied for any cancellations within three days of the reserved departure date. A 100% fee will be applied for any cancellations made less than 24hours of the reserved departure date.

How money for the tour is used?

By boarding with Osmose you will contribute to the community by:

- Directly supporting the village economy (paddlers, village tour, cooks, home stays, handicraft),

- Providing funds to Osmose’s environmental education program and Osmose’s Local Development program (schooling assistance, medical assistance, distribution of water filters, housing construction, paddle boat distribution, floating gardens, etc.)

- Providing fund for conservation through the entrance fee to the Bird Sanctuary.

Distribution of the OSMOSE ecotourism incomes in 2016